6th International Conference of Greek Linguistics
Rethymno, September 18-21 2003

Rethymno can be reached by plane or by boat.

By plane: There is no airport in Rethymno, but there are several flights everyday from Athens to Hania and Iraklio. The airlines which fly regurarly to Chania and Iraklio are: Olympic Airways: http://www.olympic-airways.gr, 28310-22257, 27353 (Rethymno) & 210-9666666 (Athens) and Aegean Airlines: http://www.aegeanair.com, 28210-63366, 63448 (Hania). The duration of the flight is 35 minutes.

By boat: There is a boat line from and to Rethymno by ANEK Lines: http://www.anek.gr, 28310-29221 (Rethymno) & 210-4197420 (Pireas). Furthermore, there is everyday boat line form Pireas to Chania and Iraklio by ANEK Lines, MINOAN Lines: http://www.minoan.gr, 2810-229602 (Iraklio) & 210-4145700 (Pireas) and Blue Star Ferries: http://www.bluestarferries.gr.
If you travel from Chania to Rethymno, it takes 50 minutes and from Iraklio to Rethymno 60 minutes. If you want to take a taxi, it costs about 50 euros from Chania or Iraklio. In addition, there is bus line every 30 minutes from Chania and Iraklio (bus service: 28310-22212, Rethymno)

More information:
Greek National Tourism Organisation: 28310-29148 (Rethymno), http://www.gnto.gr

There will be buses from the University to the center of the town (hotels) during the beginning and the end of the presentations of the conference, every day in the morning and the afternoon. The distance is about 15 minutes.

On Sunday 21/9/2003, after the end of the conference, an excursion will be organized to Melidoni, Margarites and Monastery of Arkadi.