6th International Conference of Greek Linguistics
Rethymno, September 18-21 2003


September 20th, 2003

Text processing for Modern Greek:
from symbolic to statistical approaches

A good deal of the activity in Natural Language Processing today (both text and speech processing) relies on ideas drawn from Statistics, often combined with ideas from symbolic processing. Statistical approaches have already yielded interesting results in several fields of NLP and underlie several widely used applications. In this workshop, we focus in text processing only (as contrasted to speech processing).

There is a dynamic community, who work in the area of statistical processing of Modern Greek and closely follow the international developments. This workshop aims to:
  • discuss issues springing from this type of research and applications
  • further stimulate the discussion and exchange of ideas among the members of this community
  • bring the community of linguists and philologists to a closer contact with the statistical NLP community
Workshop topics
This workshop aims at achieving a satisfactory representation of the existing approaches to Statistical Modern Greek NLP and covers a wide spectrum of applications. An indicative list of topics is given below. Other topics are welcome as well:
  • Mining of statistical data about Modern Greek (lexical, syntactic, semantic)
  • Statistical Data Mining in Modern Greek (lexical, syntactic, semantic)
  • Lexical Information Mining (subcategorisation frames, collocations)
  • Basic Language Engineering Resources (eg. taggers, lemmatizers, thesauri)
  • Statistical Grammars
  • Statistical Machine Translation
  • Computational Stylistics
Invited Speakers
Dr. Helmut Schmid of IMS/Stuttgart has kindly accepted our invitation and will give the opening talk (title to be announced).
Important Dates
Submission of drafts 15-05-2003
Notification of acceptance 15-06-2003
Final papers due 25-08-2003
Workshop Date 20-09-2003

The Proceedings of the Workshop will be distributed at workshop time. Furthermore, the workshop organizers intend to include a selection of an extended form of the papers in a special volume, which will be published at a later date (the intended publication date has been provisionally set for Spring 2004).
Instructions for authors
The languages of the workshop are Greek and English. Papers should be sent in one of the following formats: MS Word 97 / 98 / 2000 / XP (".doc") or Adobe Acrobat (".pdf") files. (A4, 11pt, Times New Roman, single space, margins: top and bottom 72 pt, left 85 pt, right 90 pt, maximum 8 pages long).
Submission of papers
Please, send your papers electronically to Stella Markantonatou (marks@ilsp.gr)
Yianis Maistros
National Technical University of Athens

Stella Markantonatou
Institute for Language and Speech Processing

George Tambouratzis
Institute for Language and Speech Processing