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The Workshop of Paleography of the Department of Philology of the University of Crete was founded at 1998.

The Workshop aims to cover both in undergraduate and graduate level of studies, teaching and research needs of the Department of Philology, and for other Departments of the University of Crete any subject that relates to Paleography.

The Workshop owns a significant number of manuscripts in microfilm and photographic format. This collection is increased every year and is of particular interest to Byzantinists. The Workshop has acquired since September 2003 up to date digitalization equipment after being funded from the Regional Operational Development Program of Crete, and it has started the gradual digitalization of the existing and new material. It also owns microfilm readers and PCs for the reading of microfilmed or digitalized manuscripts in situ. A small library related to Greek Paleography has been organized, whose books are marked with a special sign in the catalogue of the University Library.

The Workshop material is confined for everybody, but the lecturers of the Byzantine and Modern Greek Philology, whenever for research use. However, all the students, the lecturers of the University, the researchers and anyone interested in, can freely consult the microfilmed and digitalized manuscripts in situ. The Workshop, in communication with the person in charge, can undertake at a symbolic rate the digitalization of material, on account of third persons.

The Workshop of Paleography is accommodated under the buildings of the Department of Philology at the Campus of Rethymno (GR 74100). The opening hours are 09.00 - 13.00, Mondays to Fridays, from September 1st to July 16th.

The person in charge of the Workshop is Dr Marina Loukaki, Assistant Professor of Byzantine Philology.

The person in charge of the digitalization is Ms. Despina Petrougaki, MA in Byzantine Studies (University of Crete).

Address:  Workshop of Paleography
University of Crete / Department of Philology
GR 74 100 Rethymno, GREECE
Phones:+30 2831 077309
Fax:+30 2831 077304