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Antonis Glytzouris
Assistant Professor of Theatre Studies
Division of Music & Theater Studies

Post:University of Crete
Department of Philology
74 100 - Rethymno
Phone:+30 2831 077281
Fax:+30 2831 077304
+30 2831 077299

Date of birth:1965

Special Interests:
History and Theory of European Theatre, History of Modern Greek Theatre (19th & 20th centuries)

1998 PhD in Theatre Studies- University of Crete, Rethymno
1992 MA in Theatre Studies, University of Crete
1988 BA in Greek Language and Literature (Division of Theatre Studies), Univ. of Crete

Title of Doctoral Dissertation:
The Rise and Consolidation of Stage Direction in Modern Greek Theatre

Selected Publications:
  • «New Facts About Thomas Oikonomou's Activity in German Theater,» Ta Istorika, vol. 27, issue 53, December 2010, p. 494-500.

  • «Παρακμή, μυστικισμός και οι νεκροφάνειες της ελληνικής ράτσας. Ο Ασκληπιός του Άγγελου Σικελιανού», στον τόμο των πρακτικών του Επιστημονικού Συμποσίου Μυστικισμός και τέχνη. Από τον θεοσοφισμό του 1900 στη 'νέα εποχή': εξάρσεις και επιβιώσεις (7 & 8 Δεκεμβρίου 2007), Εταιρεία Σπουδών Νεοελληνικού Πολιτισμού και Γενικής Παιδείας - Σχολή Μωραΐτη, Αθήνα, 2010, σ. 119-142.

  • «'Resurrecting' Ancient Bodies: The Tragic Chorus in Prometheus Bound and Suppliant Women at the Delphic Festivals in 1927 and 1930», in Sport, Bodily Culture and Classical Antiquity in Modern Greece, Special Issue of the International Journal of the History of Sport, Vol. 27, No. 12, August 2010, 2090-2120.

  • «Demoticism and Theatrical Avant-garde. The 'Theater of the Malliaroi' (1907) and Thomas Oekonomou, in Tradition and Modernization in the Modern Greek Theater. From its Beginnings to the Post-war Era, Proceedings of the Third Pan-Hellenic Conference of Theatre Studies, Crete University Press, Heraklion, 2010, p. 211-221.

  • A. Glytzouris - K. Georgiadis (eds.), Tradition and Modernization in the Modern Greek Theater. From its Beginnings to the Post-war Era, Proceedings of the Third Pan-Hellenic Conference of Theatre Studies, Institute for Mediterranean Studies - University of Crete, Crete University Press, Heraklion, 2010.

  • Wishes of an Eagle, Wings of a Butterfly. Nikos Kazantzakis' Early Dramas and the European Avant-Garde. A Contribution to the Study of Decadence in the Modern Greek Theatre of the early 20th century, Crete University Press, Herakleio, 2009.

  • «Marika Kotopouli and the company of "Free Stage"» in Marika Kotopouli and the Theatre at Ermoupolis, Papers Read in a Symposium on Marika Kotopouli and the Theatre of Syros in August 1994, National Research Institute, 1996, p. 89-124.

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  • Bertold Brecht, Dialoge aus dem Messingkauf, translated by Thomai Sarigianni and Andonis Glytzouris, Dodoni, Athens, 2000.

  • Stage Direction in Greece; The Rise and Consolidation of Stage Direction in Modern Greek Theatre, Ellinika Grammata, Athens, 2001. (Book Reviews: a. Anna Stavrakopoulou, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, 27 (2003) 298-300. and b. Walter Puchner, Parabasis; Scientific Bulletin Department of Theatre Studies, University of Athens 5 (2004) 453-467.

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