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Anastasios Nikolaidis
Division of Classical Studies

Post:University of Crete
Department of Philology
74 100 - Rethymno
Phone:+30 2831 077261
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Special Interests:
Plutarch and Biography, Greek and Roman Historiography, Greek and Roman Ethics (Plato, Aristotle, Plutarch, Lucretius, Seneca), Latin Love Elegy (Ovid).

University of Athens (1964-1969)
University of London, King's College (1972-1978)

Title of Doctoral Dissertation:
"Some Related Ethical Concepts in Rlutarch"

Selected Publications:

2014 (co-ed. with Lucia Athanassaki and Dimos Spatharas): Ο ιδιωτικός βίος στον δημόσιο λόγο στην ελληνική αρχαιότητα και στον διαφωτισμό. Μελέτες αφιερωμένες στην Ιωάννα Γιατρομανωλάκη [Private Life in Public Speech in Greek Antiquity and the Enlightenment. Studies for Ioanna Yiatromanolaki], Herakleion (University of Crete Press), pp. xxxvi + 571.

2008 (ed.): The Unity of Plutarch's Work: Moralia Themes in the Lives, Features of the Lives in the Moralia, Berlin - New York (Walter de Gruyter) pp. XVIII + 851

2002: Σενέκα Επιστολή 90 [Modern Greek translation and commentary of Seneca, Epist. 90], Athens pp. 300.

1998: Πλούταρχος. Eπιλογή στοχασμών από το έργο του [Selections from Plutarch], Athens, pp. 152.

1994: Puella formosa: Tο γυναικείο κάλλος στον Kάτουλλο και τους Pωμαίους ελεγειακούς [Feminine Beauty in Catullus and the Roman Elegists], Athens, pp. 172.

2017: «Quaestiones Convivales: Plutarch’s Sense of Humour as Evidence of His Platonism», Online publication in (Philologus 2019).

2017: «Past and Present in Plutarch’s Table Talk», in A. Georgiadou & K. Oikonomopoulou (eds.), Space, Time and Language in Plutarch, (Millennium Studies 67), Berlin/Boston, pp. 257-270.

2016: "Compositional Techniques and Strategies in the Comparisons of Plutarch's Lives", in Luc van der Stockt and Philip A. Stadter (eds.), Weaving Text and Thought. On Composition in Plutarch, Leuven (forthcoming).

2016: “Φιλοσοφία και Λογοτεχνία: η περίπτωση του Πλάτωνα“[Philosophy and Literature: The case of Plato], ΘΑΛΛΩ 19 (forthcoming).

2014: “Morality, Characterization, and Individuality”, in M. Beck (ed.), A Companion to Plutarch, Oxford, pp. 350-372.

2013: “Plutarch’s Views on Art and Especially on Painting and Sculpture”, in G. Santana Henríquez (ed.), Plutarco y las artes, Madrid, pp. 169-181.

2013: “Plutarch on the Fifth Century Sophists”, in Giovanna Pace – Paola Volpe Cacciatore (a cura di), Gli scritti di Plutarco. Tradizione, Traduzione, Ricezione, Commento, Napoli, pp. 309-325.

2012: "Aspects of Plutarch's Notion of Philotimia" in G. Roskam, M. de Pourcq and L. Van der Stockt (eds.), The Lash of Ambition: Plutarch, Imperial Greek Literature and the Dynamics of Philotimia (Collection d’ études classiques 25), Louvain – Namur – Paris, pp. 31-53.

2011: "Plutarch's Minor Ethics: Some Remarks on De garrulitate, De curiositate and De vitioso pudore", in Geert Roskam and Luc Van der Stockt (eds.), Virtues for the People: Aspects of Plutarchan Ethics, Leuven, pp. 205-222.

2009: "A Menandrian crux", Rh.M. 152: 398-400.

2009: "Philanthropia as Sociability and Plutarch's Unsociable Heroes", in José Ribeiro Ferreira - Delfim Leã o, Manuel Tröster & Paula Barata Dias (eds), Symposion and Philanthropia in Plutarch, Coimbra, pp. 275-288.

2009: "What Did Apollo Mean to Plutarch?", in L. Athanassaki, R. Martin, and J. F. Miller (edd.), Apolline Politics and Poetics, Athens (Hellenic Ministry of Culture, European Cultural Centre of Delphi), pp. 569-586.

2008: "Introduction" and "Plutarch's Heroes in the Moralia: a Matter of Variatio or Another (More Genuine) Outlook?", in A. Nikolaidis (ed.), pp. XIII-XVIII and 219-231.

2007: "Plutarch's Fragments on Love", in J.Ma Ibáñez - Raúl López López (eds.), El amor en Plutarco (publication of the University of León), pp. 133-147.

2005: "Plutarch's Methods: His Cross-references and the Sequence of the Parallel Lives" in A. Pérez Jiménez and Frances Titchener (edd.), Historical and Biographical Values of Plutarch's Works. Studies devoted to Professor Philip A. Stadter by the International Plutarch Society, Málaga - Utah, pp. 283-323.

2005: "Αρχαία ελληνικά: Ποιος διδάσκει, τι διδάσκει, πώς διδάσκει;" [Ancient Greek: Who teaches, What and How Does One Teach?], ΘΑΛΛΩ 16: 27-35.

2002: "Η διδασκαλία των Αρχαίων Ελληνικών: σκοποί και μέσα" [Teaching Ancient Greek: Objectives and Means] ΘΑΛΛΩ 13: 45-53.

2001: "Minerva rava an torva?", AJPh 122: 81-86.

2000: "Ο Σενέκας στο στόχαστρο της αρχαίας λογοτεχνικής κριτικής" [Seneca as a Target of Ancient Literary Criticism], ΚΤΕΡΙΣΜΑΤΑ. Φιλολογικά μελετήματα αφιερωμένα στον Ιωάννη Καμπίτση, Herakleio, pp. 131-159 (=6th Panhellenic Symposium of Latin Studies, Ioannina 1997)

1999: "Plutarch on the Old, Middle and New Academies and the Academy in Plutarch's Day", in A.Pérez Jiménez-J.Garcia Lopez-R.M. Aguilar (edd.), Plutarco, Platon y Aristoteles, Madrid, 397-415. (=5th International Plutarch Society Congress, Madrid-Cuenca 1999).

1999: "Plutarch's Attitude to Wine", in J.G. Montes-M. Sanchez-R.J. Galle (edd.), Plutarco, Dioniso y el vino, Madrid, 337-348 (=6th International Symposium of the Spanish Plutarch Society, Cádiz, 1998).

1999: "Οι αρχαίοι Μακεδόνες στον Πλούταρχο" [The Ancient Macedonians in Plutarch] in Ancient Macedonia, Thessaloniki, vol. 2: 823-837 (=6th International Symposium, 1996).

1997: "Όψεις κάλλους και ερωτικά ήθη στον αρχαίο κόσμο" [Aspects of Beauty and Erotic Morals in the Ancient World], ΘΑΛΛΩ 9: 47-87.

1997: "Plutarch on Women and Marriage", WIENER STUDIEN 110: 27-88.

1997: "Plutarch's Criteria for Judging his Historical Sources", in C. Schrader-V. Ramon- J.Vela (edd.), Plutarco y la Historia, Zaragoza, 329-341 (=5th International symposium of the Spanish Plutarch Society, Zaragoza 1996 and 4th International Plutarch Society Congress, Leuven 1996).

1997: "Κρίσεις του Πλουτάρχου για τη θέση της γυναίκας στην ελληνορωμαϊκή νομοθεσία" [Plutarch on Greek and Roman Legislation Concerning Women], in J-Th. A. Papademetriou (ed.), First Panhellenic and International Conference on Ancient Greek Literature, Athens, 1994, pp. 727-740.

1996: "Πλουτάρχου Βίοι: οι επιλογές του σχολικού εγχειριδίου" [Plutarch's Lives: The selections of the school text book], ΦΙΛΟΛΟΓΙΚΗ ΧΙΟΣ 5: 43-50.

1996: "Η κλασική φιλολογία σήμερα: προβληματισμοί και αμφισβητήσεις" [Classics Today: Questions and Disputes], ΙΝΔΙΚΤΟΣ 5: 43-50.

1996: "Όμηρος και Λουκρήτιος"[Homer and Lucretius], in "Η μίμηση στη λατινική λογοτεχνία, Athens, pp. 137-162. (=5th Panhellenic Symposium of Latin Studies, Athens 1993)

1995: "Plutarch's Heroes in Action: Does the End Justify the Means?", in I. Gallo - B. Scardigli (edd.), Teoria e prassi politica nelle opere di Plutarco, Napoli, 301-312 (=3rd International Plutarch Society Congress, Siena 1993).

1994: "Διδάσκοντας Πλούταρχο" [Teaching Plutarch], ΘΑΛΛΩ 6: 49-77.

1994: "On a Supposed Contradiction in Ovid (Medicamina faciei 18-22 vs Ars amatoria 3.129-32)", AJPh. 115: 97-103.

1994: "Plutarch's Contradictions", AncW. 25.2 (Philosophical and Historical Studies on Plutarch): 213-222.

1994: "Formosa puella: Στοιχεία γυναικείου κάλλους στον Κάτουλλο και τους Ρωμαίους ελεγειακούς", in Η γυναίκα στη λατινική γραμματεία [The Woman in Latin Literature], Rethymno, pp. 81-117 (= 4th Panhellenic Symposium of Latin Studies, Rethymno 1990).

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1990: "Thucydides 4.28.5 (or Kleon at Sphakteria and Amphipolis)", BICS 37: 89-94.

1989: "Οι Κρήτες στην αρχαία και νεότερη ελληνική παροιμιογραφία" [The Cretans in the Ancient and Modern Greek Paroemiography], APIAΔNH 5 (Stylianos Alexiou Festschrift): 399-406.

1988: "Is Plutarch Fair to Nikias?", ICS 13.2: 319-333 (=1st International Plutarch Society Congress, Athens 1987).

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1986: "ελληνικός-βαρβαρικός: Plutarch on Greek and Barbarian Characteristics", WIENER STUDIEN 20[99]: 229-244.

1986: "Η Κρήτη σε συγγραφείς της όψιμης ελληνικής αρχαιότητας και ειδικότερα στον Πλούταρχο" [Crete in Authors of Late Greek Antiquity and especially in Plutarch], Ηράκλειο, vol. A: 264-272 (=5th International Cretological Congress, Ag. Nikolaos 1981).

1985: "Some Observations on Ovid's Lost Medea", LATOMUS 44: 383-38.

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1982-84: "O σκοπός των Bίων του Πλουτάρχου και οι διάφορες συναφείς θεωρίες" [The Purpose of Plutarch's Lives and the Relevant Theories about it], APXAIOΓNΩΣIA 3: 93-114.

1982: "Aristotle's Treatment of the Concept of praotes", HERMES 110.4: 414-422.

1980-81: "A Note on the Relationship between Philanthropia and Humanitas", ΠΛATΏN 32/33: 349-355.

1980: "Γύρω από την ορθογραφία των λέξεων πράος/πράιος και φιλόνικος/φιλόνεικος" [On the Orthography of the Words praos/praios and filonikos/filoneikos], ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ 32.2: 364-370.

2015: “Νίκος Πετρόχειλος, Τάκιτος, Χρονικά (τ. Α΄-Β΄), Ιστορίες (τ. Γ΄), Αγρικόλας, Γερμανία, Διάλογος περί ρητόρων (τ. Δ΄), Εισαγωγή – Μετάφραση – Σχόλια, Αθήνα: ΜΙΕΤ, 2012-13”, ΑΡΙΑΔΝΗ 19 (2013) 229-238. 2013: “Scardigli Barbara (ed.), Plutarco, Licurgo e Numa, Milano 2012”, Mus. Helv. 70.2: 224.

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1985: "Δ. Τσεκουράκη, Οι λαϊκοφιλοσοφικές πραγματείες του Πλουτάρχου. Η σχέση τους με τη 'διατριβή' και με άλλα παραπλήσια γραμματειακά είδη, Θεσσαλονίκη 1983", JHS 105: 193-194.

2000: "Οι Παράλληλοι Βίοι του Πλουτάρχου" [Plutarch's Parallel Lives], ΙΣΤΟΡΙΚΑ (Εφημ. ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΟΤΥΠΙΑ 19/10) volume 6.53, pp. 52-57.

1997: "Διόδωρος ο Σικελιώτης", "Q. Curtius Rufus", "Πλούταρχος", "Αρριανός" in Ν. Χατζηνικολάου (επιμ.), Ο Μέγας Αλέξανδρος στην ευρωπαϊκή τέχνη [Alexander the Great in the European Art], Thessaloniki, pp. 152-159.

1990: W.K.C. Guthrie, Socrates, Athens, pp. 351 (with supplementary bibliography 1970-1990).

25/05/2004: "Viewing and Listening in Plutarch's Table-Talks", in Viewing and Listening in the Ancient World (International Symposium organized by the Department of Philology, Division of Classics, Rethymno 23-25/5/2004)

05/06/2003: "Greek Pederasty: A Story of Half-Truths and Misunderstandings". Διάλεξη στο Πανεπιστήμιο της Zaragoza, Ισπανία, και στο Williams College της Μασσαχουσέτης, ΗΠΑ (4/11/2003)


Section Representative of the International Plutarch Society in Greece and current President of the IPS (2011-2014).

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