Academic Scholars


  • Maria Barouni

    Division: Linguistics

    Position: Academic Fellow

    E-mail: barouni@uoc.gr

  • Maria Biza

    Division: Byzantine and Modern Greek Philology

    Position: Academic Fellow

    E-mail: mbiza@uoc.gr

  • Stelios Chronopoulos

    Division: Classical Studies

    Position: Academic Fellow, 4/2020-3/2022. Supervisor: Kostas Apostolakis

    E-mail: schronopoulos@gmail.com

  • Panagiotis Dendramis

    Division: Theater-Cinema Studies and Musicology

    Position: PhD Candidate

    Research Lab: Laboratory of Theater, Film and Music Studies

    E-mail: philp0584@philology.uoc.gr

  • Alexander Katsigiannis

    Division: Byzantine and Modern Greek Philology

    Rank: Assistant Professor

    E-mail: alexanderkatsigiannis@gmail.com

    Telephone: 28310-77270

    Office: 10 READ MORE