I graduated from the University of Crete, Department of Philology in 1999. I obtained my Masters (2000) and Phd Degree (2005) from the University of Birmingham, UK under the supervision of Professor Andrew Barker. My research interests lie in the interface of ancient Greek culture, literature, and philosophy, metaphor issues and analysis, and philosophy of language. In my published works I focus on the construction and systematization of philosophical thought and language in the 5th and 4th century B.C. In my monograph on Plato's Republic I examined the influence of poetic speech on Plato's formulation of philosophical discourse (The Poetics of Philosophical language: Plato, poets and Presocratics in the Republic, De Gruyter, 2011). Currently I work on the interface of material culture and Platonic philosophy and I investigate the influence of ancient Greek arts (sculpture and painting) on Platonic aesthetics and metaphysics.

My research has been funded by European research Institutes (Foundation Hardt, Genève), the University of Cambridge (Jesus College), and the Center for Hellenic Studies, Harvard University. In addition, I am a reviewer of research proposals for the European Research Council (ERC) and the National Science Center of Poland. I am also a referee of articles in international journals.