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The Research Centre for Classical Studies is incorporated within the Classical Studies Division of the Department of Philology. It has been established (Gov. Gazette 2593/28-6-2019) with a view to providing up-to-date and effective support for teaching, research and continuing education in the field of Classical Studies and more generally in the study of Antiquity, with special emphasis on Greek, Greco-Roman and Roman Antiquity.

Its prime objective is to promote research and to support the development of the various specialisms and teaching methods in the domain of Classical Studies. It aims to support and/or complement the research and teaching activities of the Classical Studies Division by fostering collaboration with academic institutions, research institutes and other relevant bodies (public or private, local, national or international) in Greece and abroad in areas of common interest. Collaboration may take the form of participating in or initiating research programmes in the subject areas covered by the Centre. Moreover, the Centre can provide support services relating to its subject and research areas and can also contribute to the dissemination of the results of contemporary research in the study of Antiquity.

The Centre is overseen by a Director who is a member of the Classical Studies Division of the Department of Philology, while all other members of the Division are also members of the Centre. The staff of the Centre can also include other members of the Department of Philology with related scholarly interests, as well as external collaborators, researchers, university fellows and other scholarly and administrative staff in accordance with the relevant provisions defined by the current legal framework.

The Research Centre for Classical Studies of the Department of Philology has special facilities at the Gallos University Campus in Rethymnon and operates during working days and hours in accordance with University regulations.

Members of Laboratory of Classical Studies


  • Zacharoula Petraki

    Division: Classical Studies

    Rank: Assistant Professor


    Telephone: 28310-77272

    Office: 014 READ MORE